There are some IM Platforms (Influencer Marketing) available that provide you with a list of influencers according to your niche, range of followers and demographics, etc. But In case you are going to find Influencers on your own, then here I am sharing tips that you can use for hunting Influencers!



In IM, you do B2B. So you should look like a professional. Your profile should be a business profile. Your profile should be optimized fully professionally and state your business.


Bio or Description:

Your Instagram/Twitter bio should have an introduction about your brand and a store link in it.



you can upload business, amazon, eCommerce, promotion, and marketing-related high-resolution pics to your account so that it looks professional.


You can repeat the same things on Discord, Reddit, Quora, and Tiktok for your profile.


How To Find Influencers?

METHOD 1: 1st, find the list of EC recommended Product categories, like home and kitchen, Garden and outdoor, sports, office, etc., then go to google and search for the top 1000, top 500 top 100 influencers of IG, Tiktok, Youtube Of USA, UK, etc. there are thousands of small websites which provide such lists for free. There are also a lot of paid websites that provide trials for free. Attach any credit card with it and sign up. Search and extract contacts during the free trial and then cancel the subscription within the free trial time. You will get thousands of influencers’ contacts.


METHOD 2: Search any big hashtag or KW like “fashion, home decoration, sports” on Instagram and check the latest posts for it. You will find a lot of influencers who used these hashtags in their posts; thus, you can find them this way. Use different categories’ hashtags and collect their profiles.


METHOD 3: search on google for “top 10 or top 100 sports (or any other category) influencers on Instagram,” and you will find them easily. don’t contact them. They are out of our budget. Go to their profile and then go to their latest post and check for the hashtags which they used. Click on those hashtags you will find a lot of micro-influencers who used the same hashtags. You can also check their followers, and you may find influencers out there.


How To Communicate:

It depends on multiple factors, like your account, approach, etc. if you can arrange a domain Email from somewhere, then it will be very good because they respond more attentively to business than a normal person.

Talk to them and tell them that you are a marketer and promote different categories of products. Ask them to stay in touch with you; if you find any related category product, then you will share it with them.


Most of them don’t reply!!!

Yes, you will face this thing the most. What you can do is leave a dm and then go to their latest post and comment, “hi would you like to collaborate with us for promotional activities? please have a look at dm”.


These are some of the methods which I personally practiced while I was looking for Influencers for my client’s brands. I hope. It’s helpful for you as well. Leave a reply if you have any questions about the topic.