The client was experiencing 113% ACos and monthly orders were around 124 orders, BSR was above 12k and reviews were 279. (Please check screenshots) We worked hard on the account. Here is what we did:

  • We Did a Listing Audit and found the reasons for low/bad conversion
  • We optimized the Listing content, A+ content and worked hard on the images. also asked the client to make a 3D video.
  • We found highly converting Keywords during the listing audit and started PPC campaigns and boom… our sales boosted.
  • I believe in Brand Building so I focused more on social brand building. optimized the social pages and hired a guy for website optimization. we run ads on Facebook and Pinterest and brought good traffic to the listing which boosted our BSR
  • We merged listings of the same product which was having size differences only, it helped a lot in increasing the conversion rate. Then we started PPC campaigns and BOOM!!! Sales increased to 5000 units per month.