Marketplace: Germany

Category: Sports

We launched this product is February and earned pretty decent profits due to a boom in demand. This product is not viable anymore due to its decreased demand and increased competition. So, we are exiting the market and flipping this listing with an average ACOS of around 35.43% and average TACOS of around 11.7%. We have earned significant profits and now we are exiting the market with handsome returns.

From 113% ACOS and merely 124 orders per month to 42 % ACOS and 5000/month orders in the Highly competitive PET niche


The client came to us when their PPC was performing badly. you can see in the given screenshots that they were generating 124 orders per month with 113% ACOS. T heir BSR was above 12k, and reviews were 279. I worked hard enough on the product; you can see the performance over time of the product through screenshots.

Here’s how we helped them.
  • We Did a Listing Audit and found the reasons for low/bad conversion
  •  We optimized the Listing content, and A+ content and worked hard on the images. also asked the
    client to make a 3D video.
  •  We found highly converting Keywords during the listing audit and started PPC campaigns and boom…
    our sales boosted.
  • We believe in Brand Building so we focused more on social brand building. optimized the social pages
    and hired a guy for website optimization. we run ads on Facebook and Pinterest and brought good
    traffic to the listing which boosted our BSR




Keywords Indexed Before

Keywords Indexed After