Project goal:​

  • Market Place: US
  • Category: Pet Supplies
  • Average ACOS was 76.49% and Average TACOS was around 43%.
  • Gross profit margins are around 31%.

The client’s listing had significant loopholes but he didn’t want to invest in EBC and any other optimization because he was totally fed-up due to the poor performance of the product, so I did content optimization by keeping the lifetime value of the client. Furthermore, our competitors are selling with tons of variations and we need variations to keep conversion high; however, the client wanted to see some improvements before investing further. He had already available inventory of around 10K units. We acquired him in the mid of July 2021. we set the following goals

July: Break-even TACOS

August and September: Profitability, stability, Q4 planning, and image optimization

October and onward: Growth and brand building

Within 27 days we not only achieved break-even but also got some profits with a TACOS of 22%. Client is willing to add variations. Yes, ACOS may seem a little high but currently, We’re doing ranking and already getting significant amount of organic sales. ACOS target for this month is around 30% with a TACOS of 15%. ACOS will surely come under 25% within 2-3 months.